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A human brain made with hands



Toward Utopia is a journey of discovery, exploring future innovations and advancements that will shape our universe.

Toward Utopia explorest the present and future of:

  • science, technology, digital innovation and AI

  • government, society and culture

  • human psychology & mental health

  • health and medicine

  • environment and the planet

  • our lifestyle

  • the universe

  • entertainment

  • and more

Toward Utopia guests present,explore and debate questions such as:


How can we develop and implement advancements and innovations ethically? How can we ensure what we do helps humanity and society? How would all these areas impact and feature in our ideal world (utopia)?

Will the evolution of our global cultures, governments, processes, practices and technologies, help humanity reach a Utopian future? Does and can Utopia exist? Are we on the right path or is it too late to help humanity?

Watch out for insights, features, activities, events, competitions and details of the forthcoming TV series, here on

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