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Hand Pile of Happy Group
Group Bonding
Founding Principles:
  1. Positive Constructive Postings Only
  2. Motivate and Inspire Hope
  3. Collaborative Input & Output
  4. No Self-Promotion Just Support
  5. Non-Political Non-Religious
More to follow with collaboration from the Facebook group members.
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Join the Movement to Help Humanity

'Toward Utopia - The movement', is a positive collective of people from the general public, who are actively contributing and supporting, or interested in the progress of humanity toward a healthy, happy, harmonious society. This non-political and non-religious group shares, discusses and promotes ethical innovations, ideas and activities to support the present and future of humanity.
The group does not allow political discussion or sales related posts.

Join the 'Toward Utopia - The Movement' on Facebook, to talk about wonderful ideas, innovations, or contributions in the community.

  • science, technology, digital innovation and AI

  • community and culture

  • human pyschology & mental health

  • health and medicine

  • environment and the planet

  • future living

  • the universe

  • entertainment

  • and more

If you are doing something amazing that will help humanity please use our movement's hashtag #TowardUtopia

Group Disclaimer: Please note that members of this group are not authenticated or part of a membership with Toward Utopia Ltd or Portman Collier Ltd (creator of the educational TV Series project Toward Utopia). Members are members of the public (Facebook subscribers / users), and while our moderators (which may also be members of the public), do our best to ensure postings fit the principles of the group, we do not accept liability for content generated by it's users, or the verification of it's users credentials. Within this group, members should regard others as individuals rather than representatives of any organisation, and as such any postings and comments will be deemed as personal / individual postings.


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